About ELCA Federal Credit Union

“…to use and share what God has given for the sake of all.”

That’s the definition of good stewardship, an integral part of the ELCA’s mission. The ELCA Federal Credit Union supports that mission by providing services and benefits to all of its members regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Are you new to credit unions? As the name suggests, credit unions provide services to groups that share a common bond, such as a church affiliation. They are like other financial institutions in that they accept deposits, make loans and offer other financial services.

But unlike those other institutions, credit unions are structured as financial cooperatives that serve their members, not shareholders. That means any profits the ELCA Federal Credit Union realizes –from interest payments on loans, for example–are returned to member/owners like yourself in the form of lower rates on loans, higher rates on savings, reduced fees and enhanced services.

The ELCA Federal Credit Union is regulated and federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to the same levels as deposit insurance offered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Why We Exist

The ELCA Federal Credit Union was created by the ELCA to provide additional financial services to ELCA members, employees of synods, congregations or any other ELCA-related ministry. Ecumenical partners of the ELCA are welcome to request the ELCA Federal Credit Union's services for their denomination. Members of the United Church of Christ are now eligible to join. Family members of current ELCA FCU members are also eligible to join.

The ELCA Federal Credit Union is the first of the ELCA’s financial ministries to offer individual consumer loans, so, as an ELCA member, you now have access to a wide range of financial services.

With the church as its sponsor, the ELCA Federal Credit Union operates in ways that are consistent with the church’s values, making it a socially responsible way to do your banking.

What Membership Means

The ELCA Federal Credit Union is here for you, and your participation, along with that of other ELCA members, will help it succeed.

In general, credit unions are economic democracies. As a member of the ELCA Federal Credit Union, you have a vote in how it operates, which is true for every other member as well. One person, one vote, regardless of how much money you have on deposit.

Benefits of Memberships

By becoming a member and banking with us, you’re helping your fellow Lutherans and ecumenical partners of the ELCA. That’s because the money you save with us is loaned out to other ELCA Federal Credit Union members.

Also, as a member you can take advantage of the wide variety of financial services offered by the ELCA Federal Credit Union, including auto loans, personal loans, credit cards, checking and savings accounts, surcharge-free ATMs and more. And because the ELCA Federal Credit Union operates as a not-for-profit financial cooperative, you’ll find better rates and lower fees than those at most other financial institutions.

ELCA FCU Leadership

Board of Directors
Eva M. Roby
Carmen Cobo
Vice Chair
Linda Norman
Luis Reyes
Maria Juszkiewicz-Otolski
Audit Committee
Amelia Dawkins
Jocelyn Fuller
Maria Juszkiewicz-Otolski
Officers and Staff
Luis Reyes
Greg Truex
Director of Operations
Jean Draniczarek
Office Manager
Enrico Jose
Financial Services Representative
Marie Lozano
Financial Services Representative